Gluten-Free Baking Class @ Cooper River | MAY

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Gluten Free Baking Class in Charleston
May 16th & 29th 2024

The gluten-free bread everyone keeps telling you about. Learn how to make it yourself!
During the course, you will learn the techniques related to gluten-free dough, including mixing, kneading, proofing, shaping and baking. In short, all the knowledge and skills required to make great bread at home!
All flours and grains used are organic.
You will learn to:
  • Mix your own gluten-free flour at home
  • Properly mix, knead, shape, proof and bake breads with moist dough
  • Work on several gluten-free recipes
  • Samples of all the baked goods to take home
  • Coffee, tea and cold drinks during the course
  • A spread of dare vegan cheese, dips and spread for the bread to enjoy during the class
  • A free ebook on how to make your own gluten-free flour at home
  • Apron included

    Cooper River Farms Clubhouse
    650 Enterprise Blvd, Charleston 29492 SC

    May 16th & 29th, 2024
    6:30-9 PM
    Good to know:
    • Class is 100 % plant based and gluten-free
    • Chef offers a detailed hands on course
    • Class will take place in a beautiful setting with open fireplace, candles and greenery
    • Class starts at 6:30 PM
    • Parking is available outside in guest parking spots