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Learn how to cook gluten free from scratch with our cooking classes

The Art of Cooking Gluten Free

December Classes

Hands-on gluten-free baking session in Charleston with smiling attendees, classes available on December 4th and 11th.
Experience a hands-on baking classes with our

Gluten-Free Baking Class

December 4th & 11th, 2023
Happy couples participating in a holiday-themed date night cooking class in Charleston, SC on December 8th, preparing festive dishes together.
Experience a holiday cooking class with our

Holiday Special Date Night

December 8th, 2023

Cooking classes, dinner experiences & recipes in Charleston, South Carolina, led by Chef Louise, who specializes in gluten-free Nordic cuisine.

Ashleyparticipant at our Galentine's Cooking Class

What a wonderful experience the Galentine's baking night was! Nice to find some like-minded vegan + gluten-free gals and fab new recipes. So fun and love your team! Your story of healing through food is super-inspiring. So happy you shared it!

Ben from Charlotteparticipant at our Date Night Cooking class

Nordic Cooking Date Night class is a fantastic experience for couples, friends, or anyone who loves food and cooking. My girlfriend and I recently attended the class and had a blast. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, making it easy for us to get into the cooking spirit.

Founder of Nordic Cooking,

Chef Louise

"My love for cooking, bringing people together and creating these hygge moments is what fires me. I am so glad you are here now, and cannot wait to show you everything Nordic has in the works."

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