Nordic Cooking 35+ Recipe Favorites


Hi love, welcome to the Nordic Cooking Favorites! 
As a chef, I believe that food is essential for our optimal health and that a plant-based diet is the key to achieving it. My personal mantra of "plant over processed" guides my own eating habits and those of my entire family. I have firsthand experience of the transformative power of this way of eating after struggling with various health issues such as IBS, Celiac disease, allergies, brain fog, and chronic fatigue. Instead of relying on expensive specialists and trendy diets, I made a complete shift to a plant-based diet and want to share my journey with you. This book features my top recipes including smoothies, bowls, comforting plant-based meals, and indulgent treats, as well as bread recipes for healthy living. 

These recipes are easy to master and I want you to have fun with them. Cooking is all about learning to add something naturally to the dish because you have a feeling it would taste good. So my risotto recipe in here will invite you to add peas, or asparagus or mushrooms. It is good to be flexible - because I dislike recipe collections so much that contain expensive ingredients and long shopping lists. Cooking is a feeling and I want you to be able to master that feeling in your own home.